April 2024

PSHS CALABARZON Readies for Distance LearningWith Parents and Students Orientation

On August 26 to 28, 2020, the campus virtually held an orientation for parents and students for Academic Year 2020-2021 through Google Meet. Grades 7 and 8 were scheduled in the morning and afternoon of August 26, Grades 9 and 10 on the 27th, and Grades 11th and 12th on the 28th.

The program started with the national anthem followed by a prayer. After which, Dr. Jose M. Andaya, the Campus Director, delivered his welcome remarks to the parents and scholars. He presented a virtual tour of CBZRC and the details of the ongoing and proposed projects for the development of the campus.

The Chief of Finance and Administration Division, Ms. Ma. Theresa P. Pagulayan, opened her message with the division’s oath to provide quality services and management of administrative, budgetary, financial, maintenance, and auxiliary services for the attainment of the PSHS’ mandate. She presented all the units under her supervision as well as the team members responsible for the attainment of the division’s goals. Ms. Pagulayan also meticulously discussed the due allowance given to scholars based on their scholarship category.

Mr. Jorge M. Job, the Chief of Student Services Division, on his part presented the offices under SSD. He mentioned the efforts exerted by the staff in order to extend the same quality service to the scholars even when the campus is implementing Distance Learning. This includes online sessions with the Guidance Counselor, the retrieval and distribution of books, etc. Mr. Job also introduced the new Residence Hall Heads and the new set of Discipline Officers.

Before Mr. Joni M. Albarico talked about Curriculum and Instruction matters, the new Information Systems Analyst thoroughly discussed the netiquette for online students. After the discussion of the expected and required behavior during online class, Mr. Albarico introduced the curriculum for the new normal which was a product of the reframing of the long been implemented curriculum guides. He also made the attendance aware of the options considered in deciding which mode of delivery to follow happened to be the first option–Distance Learning. He also briefly talked about PSHS’ Learning Management System called Knowledge Hub or KHub which could be accessed at The CID Chief went on with the class schedule for asynchronous and synchronous sessions as well as the plotting of long exams. He, then, carefully discussed the Grading System fitted for the Distance Learning mode, the Promotion, Probation, and Dismissal Rules, as well as the awards and recognitions to be given to deserving scholars.

Of what he called the ‘probably most awaited part’, Mr. Albarico introduced the set of SRAs to assist the scholars and the faculty members to handle the subjects. The teachers assigned provided overviews of the courses, the topics to be covered for the entire AY, and the course requirements.

The orientation ended with a forum where the scholars and parents raised their questions and concerns.

Mr. John Vincent Forteza, Mr. Jaryhn Floquencio, and Ms. Sunshine Blanco hosted the orientation per grade level.