First published journal article from Batch 2021

The article entitled "Percolation-Modeling Comparison Between the Conductivities of Zinc-Graphene Quantum Dot Nanocomposite and Graphite during Extracellular Electron Transfer in Microbial Fuel Cell Electrodes" was written by Jamme Omar A. Biscocho (Batch 2021), Ralph Calvin D. Almazan (Batch 2021), Francis M. Emralino (Adviser), and Michelle T. Manglicmot (Adviser). It is accessible online as part of Volume 2, Issue 1 (2023) of Sinaya: A Philippine Journal for Senior High School Teachers and Students. Sinaya is a De La Salle University-based online, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal.

The article can be downloaded and accessed free of charge here:

Published November 17, 2023