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Ika-9 na Taon ng Pagkakatatag


               Nat’l institute director bats for scientific efforts vs neglect of STEM in PH

Jacob Viernes

Dr. Pia D. Bagamasbad, Director of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, highlighted scientists’ efforts to combat the disregard of science and research development in the Philippines for future generations of scholars.

In a speech at Pisay CALABARZON’s 9th Founding Anniversary themed Hirayang Pinagbibigkis Tungo sa Kolektibong Pangkalinangan ng Pamayanang Pisay sa Panahon ng Pandemya, Dr. Bagamasbad stressed that although undervalued, Filipino scientists including her are struggling to improve the quality and funding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the nation.

“You can imagine that there are a lot of frustrated scientists in our country, and by frustrated, I mean those that choose to stay in the country despite all the obstacles and challenges in doing science and still strive to improve the system,” Bagamasbad said.

She also noted that the fight for more science and research opportunities would be beneficial for future professionals.

In light of this, the director also compared the cost of experimentation between the United States and the Philippines, which she further cited as a reason in questioning her decision for returning.

“For a country that allots minimal financial resources, approximately about 0.5 percent of the national budget, towards research development, it was very frustrating to discover that it is two to ten times more expensive to conduct live experiments here than in the U.S.,” Bagamasbad expressed.

Moreover, she reassured students that the day will come when they need not to go overseas in search for a better future and thrive in their respective fields of research.

She added that pupils should recognize the efforts of not only the scientific community but also of the people investing in research and STEM to produce world-class and quality education that can be of good use to Filipinos locally and abroad.

“My role as a mentor is to impart knowledge and skills to the next generation of students so that you may realize your full potential in preparing to take the opportunities and challenges to succeed in your choice of career,” she said. 

“My hope is that I do my job well enough not just in terms of imparting knowledge and skills but more importantly in making my students realize the value and significance of serving the country and the people that invest so much in their career in education,” she added.

On the other hand, Bagamasbad implored Pisay scholars to employ the scientific method in real life applications, to acknowledge and to learn from failures, as well as to uphold the values of integrity, excellence, and service.

“You should always prove that you are a worthy investment of the country and the Filipino people,” she said.

Additionally, she included that being a worthy “investment” does not necessarily translate to pursuing a STEM-related profession, but instead working with honor and expertise with the intention of benefiting society and the nation.

The inspirational message by Dr. Bagamasbad was followed by the awarding of outstanding personnel and offices as determined by PRAISE Committee. Special numbers were also given by Serenata Stellar, PSHS- CALABARZONRC, Rondalla, and Marahuyo Dance Club.